From the Dean of Students: Be thoughtful, be grateful, be kind

first_img Published: Feb. 15, 2019 With midterms underway, this can become a stressful time of the year. When I’m feeling overwhelmed or that things just aren’t going my way, I find naming a few things I’m grateful for can help fight these negative feelings. Dean of Students Sandy JonesPracticing gratitude can help us slow down and change our perspective of what is happening around us. Even with busy schedules, deadlines and other responsibilities, taking a moment to think of a few things we are grateful for can help us move through those overwhelming feelings.I like to take a moment of gratitude right before going to sleep, as I find it reduces my anxiety about the day ahead. Expressing gratitude and appreciation for those who have had a positive impact on our lives also inspires us to pay it forward to others through acts of kindness.Even the simplest gesture can leave a lasting effect on someone. You can share your appreciation for a friend or family member, give directions to someone who looks lost on campus or support a fellow Buff who needs by walking with them to a campus resource. For more ideas on expressing gratitude and acts of kindness, check out the Days of Gratitude events happening around campus this week.In order to build this culture, kindness must start with us. Additionally, it’s equally important we be kind to ourselves. We can sometimes think things of ourselves that we would never say to another person. Begin to recognize when you are being hard on yourself, and know that it’s okay to make mistakes. Practice self-care and take some time out of your day to relax, enjoy a favorite hobby or treat yourself to an activity that feeds your soul.We are all a part of the Buff family, and this means that we care and look out for one another. Be kind to each other and yourselves.Sandy Jones Dean of StudentsDays of GratitudeI Love Mondays Monday, Feb. 18 2–3 p.m. UMC Dining North Begin your week with chocolate covered strawberries and write a message of gratitude to someone you care about. All gratitude postcards will be mailed at no cost.Health Hut Tuesday, Feb. 19 Noon to 3 p.m. Wolf Law Stop by for a chance to win prizes and learn about the health benefits of expressing gratitude.Gratitude Postcards Wednesday, Feb. 20 Noon to 2 p.m. Various locations Share your gratitude with someone by writing them a postcard. Stop by Bear Creek, Farrand Marketplace, the Engineering lobby, Norlin Library or the UMC to fill one out!Gratitude Fair Thursday, Feb. 21  1–3 p.m. Rec Center, Ice Rink Overlook Enjoy free food, spend time with a therapy dog, plant succulents and more at the Gratitude Fair. Bring your Buff OneCard for entry. Fri-Yay Nights: Treat Yo’ Self Friday, Feb. 22  7–9 p.m.  UMC 415–17 Make your own tie-dye yoga towel, “crunch don’t crash” energy balls, DIY facemasks, bath bombs and other self-care treats.  Categories:Leadership CornerCampus Community Share Share via TwitterShare via FacebookShare via LinkedInShare via E-maillast_img read more