2020: A year that spoke for itself

first_imgWith the Christmas spirit lingering around and inhaling the weekend vibe, I take a glance at the calendar and that’s when it strikes me that the month and the year-end in barely a few days…!! As I lean on my window sill heaving a sigh, my mind drifts off to replay mode – a replay of an entire year..!Excited like a school kid, I remember welcoming 2020 with celebration and joy. Hardly a month into the year, I found myself being a part of the rat race, reading about the pandemic and just like that, the next month, I find myself at home… While the initial days of the lockdown went by with work deadlines, taking care of my plants and spending time with family, slowly anxiety begins to creep in – the anxiety of the uncertain..!In the blink of an eye, days whizzed through and all of us began to sail the same ocean; handling the anxiety of the uncertain and having to pause their dreams.It was during this phase of the lockdown that got me to realize the value of something I’m given – LIFE!!! Because it was at this phase of the lockdown that got me to read about families losing their own. It was this phrase which reiterated the fact that I gain nothing running behind a dream I had when I was younger; and just when I was slowing down, the year is coming to an end…Every year, we celebrate our teachers but this year, we need to celebrate 2020 as well, for teaching us a huge lesson the hard way (quite literally..!)It’s okay to slow down and breathe because that’s when we get to see the skies above us and the ground beneath. It’s okay to pause our dream and heave that sigh so we get to plan better to achieve it.There is always light at the end of any tunnel and on that note, let’s welcome 2021 with a safe cheer…!!!last_img read more