WildWorks’ Animal Jam hits $150 million lifetime revenue

first_imgWildWorks’ Animal Jam hits $150 million lifetime revenueKids MMO launched eight years ago, mobile version has earned $20 million of the totalMatthew HandrahanEditor-in-ChiefTuesday 7th August 2018Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareCompanies in this articleWildWorksWildWorks’ has earned $150 million in revenue from Animal Jam, its popular MMO for the kids’ market.Animal Jam launched in October 2010, and it has earned $150 million in revenue across all platforms since then. The MMO has 100 million registered users, 61 per cent of which live in the US and Canada, which also account for 79 per cent of Animal Jam revenue.The next biggest market is found in Brazil, which is the home of 11 per cent of Animal Jam’s monthly active users.Related JobsSenior Game Designer – UE4 – AAA United Kingdom Amiqus GamesProgrammer – REMOTE – work with industry veterans! North West Amiqus GamesJunior Video Editor – GLOBAL publisher United Kingdom Amiqus GamesDiscover more jobs in games The majority of Animal Jam’s revenue comes from subscription sales: 85 per cent, with the remainder coming from the sale of in-game currency and licensing deals.Mobile is a rising force for the future of the Animal Jam brand. Daily active users now evenly split between web and the mobile version, Animal Jam: Play Wild, despite the latter only having launched three years ago, and annual revenue from mobile is up 36 per cent over the last 12 months.Overall, Animal Jam’s mobile version has earned $20 million in revenue, 72 per cent of which came from iOS users.Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Mobile newsletter and get the best of GamesIndustry.biz in your inbox. Enter your email addressMore storiesEA leans on Apex Legends and live services in fourth quarterQ4 and full year revenues close to flat and profits take a tumble, but publisher’s bookings still up double-digitsBy Brendan Sinclair 3 hours agoEA Play Live set for July 22Formerly E3-adjacent event moves to take place a month and half after the ESA’s showBy Jeffrey Rousseau 5 hours agoLatest comments Sign in to contributeEmail addressPasswordSign in Need an account? Register now.last_img read more

As JoCo searches for new appraiser, commissioners see opportunity to improve transparency in setting home values

first_imgRising home values have translated into higher taxes for thousands of Johnson County homeowners in recent years.Like most Johnson County homeowners, Stephanie Berland hopes for the best when she sees the annual appraisal letter in her mailbox. After two years of fighting – and winning – a reduction in the amount she’d pay property taxes on, she thought perhaps this would be the year the county would value her home where she thought it should be, $370,000.But when March rolled around and it was envelope opening time again, there it was: $410,000.“It’s a broken record. I just keep coming back to this amount,” said Berland, who lives in Olathe.Frustration with ever-increasing property values has become a common bond for many Johnson Countians, especially those who live in places like Prairie Village, where increases above 10 percent were not uncommon this year.County commissioners say they get an earful about appraisals but have never been able to do much about them because elected officials cannot directly intervene in value setting. Some of them sent a message two years ago, though, by voting against the reappointment of Appraiser Paul Welcome.County Appraiser Paul Welcome will retire in June after nearly three decades with Johnson County.Welcome survived that 4-3 vote, but announced that he will retire June 15, before his four-year term is up. In naming his replacement, commissioners will have a rare chance to have more clout in the process.And they’re beginning to ask some questions. Commissioner Becky Fast, whose district includes northeast cities where values jumped the most this year, has been researching how value setting can be fairer to middle- and lower- range neighborhoods.Steve Klika wants to take another look at how commercial values are set. A state official’s visit to talk about the process was an eye-opener, he said. “We do enjoy some more flexibility than probably what we as commissioners thought we had.”The appraiser is one of the most powerful non-elected positions in county government. The values influence how high a tax rate should be and how much of a budget the county is capable of raising.Getting it wrong can have consequences. In Jackson County, for instance, schools missed out on a hefty revenue increase when the value of the Country Club Plaza was set too low in 2017. But a lot is riding on the Johnson County appraiser’s performance as well. A pending tax appeal on how the values of big box stores are set could set off an explosion in local budgets if the corporate owners get the lower valuation they want.Commissioners see opportunity to improve customer serviceCommissioner Steve Klika says he thinks there’s an opportunity to improve relations between homeowners and the appraiser’s office.In Johnson County, the complaint is often that values are too high and that appealing is frustrating.Although things have cooled down a bit this year, the high value increases of the previous couple of years have brought howls of protest from homeowners. Last year some 6,691 appealed their appraisals – more than twice as many as the number who did so in 2015. This year the appeals are down but still high at 5,939. About half of the appeals typically result in a downward adjustment.While Berland felt comfortable handling her appeal – she is a certified public accountant and her husband is a mathematician – appealing can be daunting for many people. Fast is concerned that the value spikes are disproportionally felt by people on fixed incomes and others who don’t have the resources and confidence to appeal. The appraiser’s office determines fair market value through computer analysis of other sales. To counter that, homeowners need evidence of what they consider a comparable sale, and perhaps some pictures of deterioration or damage that could bring the value down.Berland argued there were no good comparables for her home. But she said that even for her, the appeals process seems opaque and the county doesn’t provide enough evidence to back up its rulings.Making the appraiser’s office more customer friendly is one of Klika’s hopes in hiring a new appraiser. The office has had a reputation for being rude and unresponsive to citizens, he said. “I realize a tax collector is never a popular person but we’re supposed to be very much engaged with our citizens and we need to respond to them in a better way.”“We have to be a little bit more accommodating here, give folks the benefit of the doubt,” he said. “If they’re wrong, fine. If we’re wrong, fine, let’s change it.”First term commissioner Becky Fast said people in lower-cost neighborhoods may be getting hit with higher increases than those in more expensive neighborhoods.Fast said she’d like the next appraiser to also look closely at how the appraisal process can work against people with less-expensive homes. Someone living in a neighborhood of mansions might have a lower valuation increase because homes there are infrequently sold and there aren’t enough comparables, she said.Meanwhile living near newer homes with a lot of sales produces more to base a value on, Fast said. “So if you bought recently and a lot of homes have sold recently they can compare more easily than if you’re in a home that’s been there 20 or 30 years and they haven’t seen the inside and they have no idea what the repairs or upgrades are,” she said, adding that new homes also may have interior pictures to help set the value.In fact the appraiser’s map this year shows Mission Hills, with some of the lowest value increases, side-by-side with Prairie Village’s high increases.Research on regressive value-setting systems has been done in Cook County, Ill., and Fast hopes the appraisal candidates will be up to date. “To me it’s a science just like going to a doctor,” she said. “You want the doctor to know about the best technology and I think we want our appraiser to know about the best research and application of mathematical models to have an appraisal system that is fair.”Commercial property valuations under scrutiny as wellBig box stores like Target have pushed back on Johnson County’s approach to valuing commercial properties.It’s not just residential property owners who have been unhappy of late. Commercial property values also have been increasing.Charlotte O’Hara, a former state representative and former candidate for mayor of Overland Park, told commissioners recently that they should reconsider how commercial property is valued.Charlotte O’Hara, who ran for Overland Park mayor in 2017, is among those calling for changes to the way commercial property is valued.O’Hara said her three commercial buildings increased in value from 61-64 percent last year, even though they are 40 years old and have maintenance issues. But since they are commercial properties, she said, they were appraised based on how much income they should bring rather than on comparable sales.That figure is based on an assumption of what the lease rate should be, rather than the reality, she said, offering an analogy. “Basically, if I were employed as an accountant and make $150,000 a year and the IRS assumption was with my credentials and my experience I should make $225,000 a year, I’m going to be taxed at $225,000 a year. It doesn’t matter what I actually make. This is exactly what’s happening in our county.”O’Hara said the whole system needs to be examined. “Our appraisal system is horribly broken. It needs to be addressed at the state level. You need to take an active role in revising the methodology in obtaining equalization.”Klika said he’s open to the idea of basing commercial value on market rates. “I think she raises a very good point there,” he said. Commissioners, who have in the past thought their hands were tied in the appraisal methods, are going to have to find out how much flexibility they have, he said.“I don’t know if the process that they’ve been using is broken, but who says the rules of the game can’t change a bit?” Klika said. “Why can’t we be a little bit more transparent and customer friendly?”The commission won’t have the luxury of time to study up, though. Once they hire an interim appraiser, they have only six months to find a more permanent replacement who meets the state’s education and experience qualifications. That person would fill out the remainder of Welcome’s term and be up for reappointment in June of 2021. The commission has just begun interviewing candidates for the search firm.“I think we need an appraiser who’s actually going to take a look at the whole program, what the state law says, how are we responding to the state law and ok, commission, what flexibility do you have in the process?” Klika said.“It’s something we’ve got to deal with because this problem isn’t going to go away. It hasn’t gone away in the six years I’ve been on the commission.”last_img read more

Jussie Smollett’s malicious prosecution lawsuit tossed by judge

first_imgABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua(CHICAGO) — On Wednesday, Jussie Smollett’s lawsuit against the city of Chicago for malicious prosecution was tossed out by U.S. District Judge Virginia Kendall.“In a malicious prosecution case, all elements cannot be pled until the proceedings are terminated in the plaintiff’s favor,” the judge wrote in her 15-page order.“Given this, it cannot be said that the case has terminated, nor can it be said that the case has terminated in Smollett’s favor,” she said.In layman’s terms, the Empire actor must wait to find out the outcome of his upcoming trial against the city of Chicago, which has charged him with six counts pertaining to making four false police reports. The only catch is that he can only refile the lawsuit if he is found innocent of those charges. For the record, he has pleaded not guilty. The Windy City has sued the 37-year-old for over $130,000 as reimbursement for the overtime that was paid to police officers and others who were involved in investigating the allegedly staged racist and homophobic attack against him. Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

An audience of one: First look at the ultra-exclusive Skittles Super Bowl ad

first_img Related Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images(VIRGINIA) — While many companies are ponying up big bucks to reach as many people as possible during the Super Bowl — more than $5 million for a 30-second spot, according to Sports Illustrated — Skittles is going in another direction. Teasers for the ultra-exclusive Skittles Super Bowl ad — which the company said they are only showing to one person — aired on ABC’s Good Morning America today.“You’d probably like to know if this is a scene from the upcoming Skittles Super Bowl ad, but I can’t tell you because they’re only showing it to one single person,” says actor David Schwimmer in one 15-second clip released by the company. As he shoves the candy into a sandwich, he adds, “I’m kind of wondering that myself.”The candy maker announced in a video earlier this month that it was creating a Super Bowl ad this year that it will show to just one person, a California teenager named Marcos MenendezWhile Menendez is the only one who will ever see their commercial, others can watch his reaction to the ad on Skittles’ Facebook page during the Feb. 4 game, according to the advertising trade publication AdWeek.“Every other advertiser is going out there and showing their ad to 100 million people,” Matt Montei, the vice president of fruit confections at Skittles’ parent company, Mars, told the trade. “We want to be the one brand who has the most exclusive ad in Super Bowl history.”Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMaticolast_img read more

Warrior Batson at his brilliant best

first_imgWARRAGUL & DISTRICT CRICKET ASSOCIATIONDIVISION 1 REVIEW – ROUND 7 (DAY TWO) By Russell Bennett Star Western Park skipper Sam Batson utterly annihilated Garfield-Tynong with the ball in Round 7 of the WDCA’s first division. There’s really no other way of describing it.Batting first on day one last week, the Titans were rolled for just 98 with Batson finishing with the amazing figures of 8/35 from 19 overs.But he wasn’t done there.With the Warriors’ dismissed for 162 in a shade over 60 overs in their reply, the Titans batted again – with the home side in search of outright points at Western Park.And Batson’s incredible individual game with the ball continued – snaring 6/50 in a touch under 20 overs to finish with the incredible match figures of 14/85.The Titans (103) were only marginally better in their second innings, with Stephen Shields (55) their only batsman to reach double-figures as Batson and Tyler McDonald (4/40) dominated.The Warriors capped off their outright win by reaching 3/40 in 17 overs of their second dig.Buln Buln, meanwhile, capitalised on its steady day one performance with the bat by rolling reigning premier Drouin in just under 60 overs in front of a strong crowd, which was gathered for a visit by Melbourne Stars players.Defending 192 – following Matt Mitchell’s patient 75 and skipper Corey Jagoe’s near run-a-ball 41 – the Lyrebirds struck early and often to storm through the Hawks’ batting lineup.Opening batsman Malcolm Dow (22) made a particularly fast start with the willow but was dismissed at 1/24. He was one of only three Hawks to pass 20 (with Paul Timewell and Sam Wyatt the others with 20 and 44 respectively) as the side was dismissed for 128 on a day when the Buln Buln outfield was particularly slow. Paul Bridges-Black and Sam Reid impressed with the ball, snaring 4/36 and 3/34.Elsewhere, Neerim District pulled off a major upset at home – rolling the powerhouse Ellinbank.With the visitors dismissed for just 105 in under 50 overs in their first innings, the Stags replied with a positive 179 – led by 25-plus run starts from no less than four players.Sent in again, the visitors were kept to 3/69 in their second innings – with the top order again misfiring.In the remaining match of the round, the Panthers proved no match for the Kangaroos at Hallora.Chasing 194 for victory, Yarragon was rolled for just 106 with only champion skipper Gamini Kumara passing 20 as Lauchlan Gregson (5/46) and former Zimbabwean Test player Natsai M’Shangwe (4/26) loomed as the destroyers with the ball.last_img read more

Get ready to fly the flag

first_imgBy ANEEKA SIMONIS THERE will be five free official Australia Day events for Cardinia Shire residents to enjoy on 26…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img

Activists’ beef with sale yard

first_imgUp to 100 activists took the Victorian Livestock Exchange, Pakenham, in a bid to dismantle the meat industry. At 10am…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription. By Kyra Gillespie last_img

Nelson Leafs host AGM Wednesday at NDCC

first_img“All parties interested in shaping the future of the hockey club are invited to attend,” said the advertisement on The Nelson Daily.Voting membership is open to everyone who has paid the $10 membership fee. Each membership is good for one year.Topics on the agenda include election of officers, a report from the treasurer on the team’s financial status and discussion from the coaching staff regarding the recent Spring Camp held this past weekend at the NDCC Arena.The camp attracted 40 players and eight netminders for the three-days of action.Some of the players attending are expected to be on the ice when Nelson hosts its training camp in September. There’s a great opportunity for hockey fans in Nelson to influence the direction of the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League franchise.The club is hosting its annual general meeting Wednesday (May 20) in the Nelson and District Community Complex meeting room.Meeting begins at 7 p.m.last_img read more

74 Remain in BoyleSports Irish Grand National

first_imgJessica Harrington is another chasing her first BoyleSports Irish Grand National success and the Timico Gold Cup winning trainer has left her smart novice Our Duke, the clear ante-post favourite, in next Monday’s race. Ted Walsh could yet be represented by Foxrock while the 2016 winning trainer Mouse Morris has left five horses in the race with Alpha Des Obeaux, his Grade 1 RSA Novices´ Chase fourth, and last year’s winner Rogue Angel both certain of a run. Noel Meade has left six horses in the race with his Cheltenham Festival winner Road To Respect featuring among the sextet.Of the remaining cross-channel challenger, Jonjo O’Neill could run his 2014 winner Shutthefrontdoor while Harry Fry’s Fletchers Flyer is another that has done enough to secure a spot in the final line-up.Peter Roe, General Manager of Fairyhouse Racecourse, said: “We are delighted with the strength in depth of the horses remaining in the €500,000 BoyleSports Irish Grand National. It is great to have previous winners Shutthefrontdoor, Rogue Angel and Thunder And Roses along with the exciting Grade 1 winning novice chaser Our Duke. The excitement in the locality is steadily building as we build up to Ireland’s richest ever jumps race.  The ground is currently good to yielding and the forecast is for some rain towards the end of the week but we will commence selective watering today in order to produce safe jumping ground.”Liam Glynn, BoyleSports spokesperson, said: “We are looking forward to an intriguing renewal of the BoyleSports Irish Grand National on Easter Monday at Fairyhouse in what is set to be probably the most competitive handicap that we will have seen in a long time. With the prize-money now boosted to a record €500,000, it could also well decide whether Gordon Elliott can dethrone Willie Mullins in the Irish National Hunt Trainers’ Championship. Our Duke, our current 11/2 favourite, is by far the worst result in the ante-post book at present and with the form that novices have in the race and the winning streak that trainer Jessica Harrington and jockey Robbie Power are on at present, we are very keen to keep him on side.”BoyleSports betting for the BoyleSports Irish Grand National at Fairyhouse, Easter Monday, April 17th, 2017 is as follows:11-2       Our Duke10           Mall Dini10           Noble Endeavor12           Fletchers Flyer14           Abolitionist14           Minella Foru14           The Crafty Butcher14           Haymount16           Shutthefrontdoor16           Foxrock16           Tiger Roll16           Arbre De Vie20           Bar CLICK HERE FOR LIST OF ENTRIES Tiger Roll gives Lisa O’Neill her first Cheltenham Festival winner in the 4 miler.Cheltenham Festival.Photo:Patrick McCann 14.03.2017 print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Emailcenter_img The €500,000 BoyleSports Irish Grand National could well be the race that decides the winner of this season’s National Hunt trainers’ championship and both Willie Mullins and Gordon Elliott will be hoping to feature strongly in the annual spectacular at Fairyhouse on Easter Monday, April 17th. Both men are seeking their first win in what is now the most valuable National Hunt race in Ireland, and Elliott, the season’s leading trainer, has left 21 horses in the race, headed by Lord Scoundrel and Noble Endeavor, Roi Des Francs, his Cheltenham Festival winner Tiger Roll, Ball D’Arc and last year’s runner-up, Bless The Wings. As it stands, with the safety limit set at 30 runners, the majority of Elliott’s remaining entries are unlikely to get a run.Willie Mullins, the current champion trainer, is responsible for nine of the remaining 74 entries. However, it would appear that only Haymount, third to Gordon Elliott’s Tiger Roll in the Grade 2 JT McNamara National Hunt Challenge Cup Amateur Riders´ Novices´ Chase at Cheltenham is guaranteed a run and that the likes of Blazer, Arbre De Vie and Sambremont will struggle to make the final cut at declaration time at 10am on Good Friday.last_img read more

SA seeks investment in Uganda

first_imgPresident Jacob Zuma is in Uganda to strengthen relations with the country. (Image: The Presidency) MEDIA CONTACTS • Vincent Magwenya Spokesperson to the President +27 12 300 5315 +27 82 835 6315 [email protected] RELATED ARTICLES • SA to strengthen ties with Britain • SA, UK’s unique relationship • South Africa, Brazil cement ties • SA, Angola strengthen ties Bongani NkosiSouth Africa and Uganda are set to strengthen economic and political relations during President Jacob Zuma’s two-day state visit to the East African country.Zuma, who arrived there on the evening of 24 March, is being accompanied by more than 30 South African business people and nine government ministers.“The visit is aimed at further enhancing economic and political relations between the two countries, developments in the East African region as well as multilateral cooperation in the African Union, United Nations and other key forums,” Zuma’s communications advisor Zizi Kodwa said in a statement.The delegation, which includes Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies and Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, is expected to sign bilateral agreements in agriculture, trade, science and technology, and customs cooperation, Kodwa said.The South African business contingent has been introduced to opportunities in Uganda through a forum co-chaired by trade ministers from both countries. “This will help to expand the areas of economic cooperation”.Agriculture, tourism, mining and energy, and information and communications technology have been the key areas identified by the South African government to offer “profitable investment opportunities in Uganda”.Uganda’s Daily Nation newspaper reported that during his visit Zuma would launch the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum, a non-profit organisation set up to attract potential investors.Chairperson of the chamber, Elly Karuhanga, said they expect the South African business delegation to look for ways to become involved in Uganda’s growing oil sector, the newspaper reported.“Since the discovery of oil, Uganda has become an attractive investment destination for investors,” he said, according to the daily. “Very many investors are now eying the country because of the expected opportunities that come with oil.”Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni announced the discovery of oil in the country in 2009 and since then prominent firms, such as UK-based Tullow Oil, have landed lucrative deals there.“The mining, oil and refining of petroleum sector with the discovery of oil in the Lake Albert region also provides new areas of business,” said Zuma, addressing the South Africa-Uganda Business Forum on 25 March.Uganda, which recorded a GDP of US$14.5-billion (R108-billion) in 2008/09, lists South Africa as one of its major goods suppliers, alongside Kenya, India, China and the US.SA presence in UgandaMobile phone network operator MTN is currently the leading South African business in Uganda. The company broke into the market there in 1998 and now boasts about 3 500 000 customers. It “has since grown to be the leading telecommunications company in Uganda” and “we are still growing”, according to the MTN website.Other South African businesses with a presence in the East African country include Stanbic Bank Uganda, a subsidiary of Standard Bank, and Shoprite and Game stores.“We recognize that South Africans are among the top contributors to foreign direct investment flows to Uganda, and South Africa is firmly entrenched near the top of the list of countries from which Uganda sources imports,” said Zuma.ANC freedom fighters honouredlast_img read more